The End of February


The tiny bit of green poking through the leaves is a pink primrose. A man named Raymond Pierzchajlo gave it to us about fifteen years ago. Since then it has been spreading throughout my garden and neighbourhood friends’ gardens. It’s almost indestructible and blooms profusely even in the worst clay soil. This plant is as resilient as the man who gave it to me. Mr Pierzchajlo was prisoner No. 12623 in Auschwitz. He is one of the most cheerful and kind people we have ever met.

My primrose is probably primula vulgaris, or the “common primrose” originally found growing in western and southern Europe. It has been used as a sedative and as an antispasmodic among other uses. (For me just looking at it is sedative enough.) It needs light to bloom profusely but not too much hot sun in the summer as it withers.

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