Veronica Gentianoides


As with so many other plants bought in greenhouses, I didn’t think this veronica speedwell would last. I stuck it in the ground and expected one or two seasons of meagre blooms. Well, fifteen years later and it’s edging almost every flower bed around the house. The waxy, gem-like green foliage looks sculpted and neat well into the fall.  Veronica gentian flowers are tall and delicate, they sway in every breeze. It’s like watching a ballet dance when they bloom.

Veronica Gentianoides comes from the Caucasus area. It’s a little fussy as too much sun makes its foliage wither and it won’t bloom well without enough light. I suspect that it comes from sunny but boggy areas. I plant it in partial sun and water it on hot days. Other than that, it’s completely disease free and neither invasive nor so slow growing that it can’t be transplanted. It’s strange that I rarely if ever see it in Edmonton gardens. 

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