False Spirea


Well, this may well become an obsession. My husband and I bought an Olloclip macro lens and have been photographing everything in and around the house. The above photo is of false spirea bush buds. It was taken at the lowest magnification. The buds of this plant come out as early as February. Everything around is still cold and dreary while these buds emerge as alizarin red. It’s wonderful to see this brilliant colour form amidst brown and white surroundings.


Sorbaria sorbifolia or False Goat’s Beard comes from Asia, including northern China, Siberia and Korea. It’s a resilient plant that has happily grown in my garden during very wet and dry, sunny summers. Nothing seems to bother it. The only problem is that false spirea is very invasive. I had to dig it out from its original spot and have since learned that it’s used primarily as ground cover. It’s spectacular in the spring when the leaves open but turns a very ordinary green for the rest of the summer.

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