Purple Iris


Every crisis I have ever had has brought moments of intense and unexpectedly wonderful connection with people. Eight years ago, my mom developed Alzheimer’s.  Seven hundred dollars worth of water spilled onto her lawn, a fridge filled with a fascinating collection of mold that she refused to let me throw out, and all manner of misadventures would not drive her out of her house. I braced myself for a novel disaster every time I visited. My one solace was that I often ran into her next door neighbours who were kind and willing to help. One of the gifts they gave me during our over-the-fence chats were these purple irises.Every time they bloom I remember their kindness. The smallest thing given at a time of need means so much for so long.

One thought on “Purple Iris

  1. I also live in Edmonton. We moved from the fraser valley in B.C. and I have no idea what grows here.
    The iris’ I have got gobbled up by the rabbits like all the bulbs I have. I am looking for some shrubs as we are getting too old to plant annuals and care for a lot of plants. Maybe you can give me some ideas seeing the plant centers sell me plants that do not do well here.
    Bee Bell


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