Evening Light


Today was an intense and wonderful day. I did a clay workshop with children at a fundraiser. The kids were completely immersed in the art. We made houses with people, furniture and even gardens with swings. A few parents got upset as their children didn’t want to leave. I have to admit that I was fully on the side of the kids. It was magnificent to see them so immersed in an imaginary world. Yet, you can get really tired after spending all day with small children. Once home, I collapsed into a garden chair and ┬ájust looked at these irises back-lit by the setting sun.





This is by far the most glorious time of the year. Almost every plant is in bloom and the garden glows with colour. It’s just like a Monet painting. One of the flowers he would have loved is bloodroot cranesbill. It forms hills of dappled pink in my garden: quick, fuzzy brushstrokes across a large canvas only in 3D!

Secret Garden


The lilac bush in the forefront of this photo must have been planted when people were still skating on McKernan lake. (This pond was filled in right after the war.) Its trunk is so gnarled and open like a gargoyle that it’s hard to understand how this bush survives. I was tempted to cut it down ┬ábut my daughter stopped me. She said that it looks like the “Secret Garden”. She is right. When I come in through the back gate this part of the garden is always in deep shadows. It makes me feel like I am entering a story book, only it’s my story and the story of our friends and family.