Rhubarb Freezer Jam


Whenever we host visitors from abroad we take them to St. Anne’s Ranch, a mansion built by a French cavalryman at the turn of the century. It’s a little piece of aristocratic France in the midst of the prairies. The ranch is very close to the Dry Island Buffalo Jump – one of the most beautiful spots in Canada. What does all that have to do with rhubarb jam? Well, the owner of the ranch makes it and my daughters said that it was the best jam they ever tasted. The owner kindly shared her recipe: rhubarb, frozen strawberries, sugar and I put in lemon pits for pectin in a tea bag. Once the jam has boiled down you add strawberry jello. Instead of canning, I put it in the freezer in small containers and we serve it all year. It’s a taste of summer when it’s -30 C outside.




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