Garlic Scapes


This has been a great summer as far as art projects go but a terrible one for gardening. Weeds have sprouted everywhere as I am too tired to pick them after climbing ladders all day. However, I summoned up just enough energy to pick these garlic scapes before the flowers open. (According to my daughter’s boyfriend, garlic scapes are very fashionable in Montreal.) Tomorrow I will make a pesto and freeze it for winter months.

A simple pesto recipe is scapes put in a blender with some oil and lemon juice and either toasted almonds or pine nuts. (I never follow exact amounts for pesto.) This is tossed with pasta and sprinkled with parmesan cheese.



Martagon Lily


When we moved into our house five summers ago, I found some creepy looking lilies in a shady corner along a fence. Their foliage drooped down like spider’s legs. I was about to toss them but, at the last moment, decided to give them a chance in a sunny area. The next spring they grew… and grew… to over four feet. Finally they bloomed in a mass of salmon coloured flowers. They now grace our house as a feature plant at a time when the garden is mostly green. There is a lesson in there somewhere about not discounting ugly duckings.