Christmas Day


We celebrated a Polish Christmas Eve followed by a Canadian turkey Christmas Day so there is far too much food in the house for a small fridge. We have had to put it outdoors on little garden tables. As it’s still about a -30 windchill factor, I thought that it would be safe. However, this table with ice cubes had a visitor. The footprints circle an ice cube tray/water fountain. We drank all of our eggnog without ice.

Windchill To Be Proud Of


No matter how hardy, there is no chance now that any plants are still green under the snow. We have had -40 c windchill for several days. It’s amazing to think that any living thing can survive this weather. Police are asking people not to drive as skin freezes in seconds. Yet, the garden is alive and it’s not just deep in the ground. Our back yard hosts a nightly rabbit convention.