At Last


No doubt about it. It’s spring! A massive flock of waxwings fed on our rotten crabapples this evening. As soon as I walked out to photograph them there was a sudden sound of flutter, they all disappeared in less than a second. An hour later I noticed this lone waxwing, he came back for more and didn’t mind the camera at all. I wonder if his dinner was crabapple wine.

Hard Work


It’s been a couple of days of sitting at the computer for me and long days of building the nest for the magpies. Haven’t they heard of coffee breaks? They are making me feel guilty for merely sitting and working. Maybe it’s time to repaint the house or build a shed or something.

Starting a Family


Without any warning, a magpie nest appeared right outside my home office window. I look out quite often and there was nothing; now here it is, all ready to move into. Mom and dad magpie are flying back and forth keeping me thoroughly entertained. It’s a fabulous start to the as yet non existent spring.

Enough is Enough


It has been a -30 windchill for days. I went to a concert last night and a half of the band didn’t show up. They said that they are from BC and it’s too cold here to go out. Adding insult to injury it’s constantly snowing so we have to shovel sidewalks. I do it up to the point when my hands freeze so I can’t move them any more. Then my husband takes over. Doesn’t someone up there look at the calendar to see that it’s mid March!

That Moon Again


There must be some great photographers out there who can do it but I have been trying to photograph this story-book moon for days. In my pictures it always ends up looking like a white stain on the night sky. In reality it’s a sharp crescent that reclines leisurely over our garden.