The temperature finally shot up by about 20 degrees up to +2c! Perhaps a little out of desperation, I opened our porch door and had tea in the “spring” breeze. I couldn’t sit outside as the deck chair is covered with 3″ of ice. There is change in the air though, the silence is gone. Opening the door is like turning on a loud CD of bird songs.

A Splash of Colour


Ever since we put out the feeder two House Finch couples have come to live in the apple tree. They add a striking splash of red to an otherwise grey  garden. These are world-class singers of the bird community.  I can’t wait to wake up to them. Right now it’s so cold all  of our birds (five varieties) line up to the bird feeder in complete silence. Soon this will change!




I happened to be in the garden section of Home Depot and on the spur of the moment bought this bird feeder. We put it up on the apple tree right outside of our dining room table. It’s a small thing but it changed our morning routine. Now we – and all kinds of colourful birds – have breakfast together.

Most Exotic Bird


When my friend Felicity moved here from Vancouver, she looked out her window and saw a large, exotic bird. She immediately called the Muttart Conservatory to let them know that a tropical bird escaped captivity. I can’t imagine what they must have thought. That bird was a Magpie and Edmonton is overrun with them.  There are about fifteen of them on my apple tree right now. Seeing them makes me think of her and smile.



It’s Sunday, but as the footprints prove, I only left the house once. It’s -30 with windchill yet again. Instead of getting used to it, I am beginning to resent putting on 20 lb. of clothing just to get groceries. It is beautiful though: a true Alberta day with skies that rival any azure blue sea and light so bright you have to squint. I only wish it didn’t hurt to breathe.

-30c Again


It’s the depth of winter with temperatures of -30 and about 15cm of recent snowfall. We still haven’t dug ourselves out as it’s too cold to shovel – and I need to take out the garbage. You wouldn’t think that was an inspiring time of the year. Yet, the snow sparkles and everything casts blue shadows. It’s the kind of day that makes you look out the window, and bask in the warm comfort of sheer beauty.