Northern Light


By the time of the summer solstice the Edmonton sun rises in the northern sky. It’s not quite there yet, but as woke up early this morning the garden was lit from the “wrong” side. What’s usually in the shade is now sunlit. Funny  how such a small change can make the familiar seem eerie as if the world were on drugs.

The End


Winter left with a bang not with a whimper. About 10 cm of soggy snow covered Edmonton. I am eagerly watching it melt as the city has built a network of bicycle paths. My hope is to start a cycling group. The only criterion for joining is that instead of lycra everyone will have to have a basket. We will have lunch and shop for baguettes – or something pretty to carry back home. It’s going to be a great summer!

Lawn Chair Lunch!


A few days ago we still had windchill below -20 c at night and it felt like it would never end. I still wore my parka on the walk to the market today. Almost out of desperation, I began to do a bit of work on a small patch of dirt where the snow melted and realized that it was weirdly hot.  We took out a thermometer, put it by the wall, and it measured over +30c! Thank heavens for microclimates and big white walls!