I have been waiting for the first day outdoors without a  scarf up to my eyes, but never expected it to come so soon. In the spring, when the sun starts to feel warm,  I sometimes roll down the window in my car as I wait at the lights. Well, it was today! I was in a parking lot when my daughter called. We talked for over a half hour with the window wide open. Ah, the sheer joy of warm sun rays! It’s the Canadian heaven.



I once told a neighbour, a mathematician, that as an artist I noticed that in nature patterns often repeat in a smaller and smaller recurring shapes. To my amazement he replied that a whole branch of mathematics called fractals is devoted to this. Now the patterns in this tree,  the veins of a leaf, or even the human body,  seem even more mysterious.

Places To Go


While the garden is asleep it’s busy above ground. We don’t see much more than snowdrifts when we look out the window, but the tell-tale footprints relate a different story. One of these scuttling creatures got in between our floorboards and was rummaging around at night. Sadly we had to address it before it chewed our house down. I wonder if these little critters ever take down time, it sure doesn’t look like it.