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I ran across a video about regrowing various vegetables and decided to give it a try. It didn’t seem possible but this celery is growing fast and starting to sprout small roots. I will replant it in the garden and see what happens. These small moments of gardening delight never fade, no matter how complicated the world beyond the garden fence becomes.


Recycled and Reborn


Due to our family needing to social distance even more than most I am avoiding in-store shopping altogether and subscribed to the Organic Box. It arrives weekly with some great local produce. This spinach arrived with its roots in tact – it may have been grown hydroponically. Instead of tossing them out, I put them in a bowl of water until the frost receded and planted them today. Let’s hope they survive the frosty night!

New Start


Edmontonians have never longed for spring as much as this year, and it has been long coming. We still have a few feet of snow in the shady part of the garden, but the wait is over. Spring is here and the nasturtium plants I seeded indoors are now happily soaking in the light. It’s still below 0 at night but they are doing just fine. In the midst of global turmoil these little plants seem almost angelic, like winged messengers of good cheer.