Surprise Gift


All the trees started budding with bits of green emerging amidst the browns and greys. These new buds captured the heavy snowfall so Edmonton has turned into a Dr. Zhivago stage set.  It was just momentary magic as the snow has largely melted and we are back to prosaic greys. I am not complaining though, my garden is overjoyed to finally have something to drink.

Dinner at Sunset


I was cleaning out the garage and needed to get the lawn chairs out of the way. They were stashed in the back garden, still dusty, when some friends came over. We sat down for a moment with the melting snow still all around us. It seemed so warm we  spent the evening watching the sun set. I am deeply grateful for such moments – thanks to the weather gods’ unexpected munificence.



Edmontonians start planting en masse during the May long weekend when chances of frost have passed. But northern Europeans apparently plant in the fall. So, I decided to experiment and planted a half of my vegetable garden today. The part past the stepping stones is still frozen so I didn’t go there. Let’s see if we get carrots in July!

Coping Strategies


The best outcome of this long winter is that I discovered orchid gardening. I bought a wire shelf and scavenged several orchids on half price sales. The source of my inspiration is this orchid from Felicity. It started to bloom some time in the late fall and is still going and going… I have never heard of flowers blooming this long. My husband even asked if it was plastic.



A bit of snow melted along the pathway and this creeping veronica got exposed to the elements. Instead of shrivelling up in our -10 nights it decided to bloom. Those delicate purple flowers are coming out while I am still putting on my parka. And it’s blooming right next to four feet of snow! Even the spring bulbs are nowhere to be seen. I admire such optimism.

A Touch of London


This is the day of the People’s March. Perhaps in solidarity with the million Brits who came out – and just at the very moment they were gathering – London fog covered Edmonton. Our house is on a bit of a hill so this view from our garden doesn’t do it justice: the air was as white as I have ever seen. I was with the marchers in spirit and I am glad the weather concurred.